Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Misbehaving Knut

Remember, Knut, the cute polar bear in Germany?
Well, he seems to have misbehaved publicly. Read the cover here.

graph per bbc


EvaDress said...

No, but I have been reading about Flocke on Deutsche Welle in Nürnberg-I like the overall popularity of Polar Bears in Deutschland these days-Die sind zu suße!!

EvaDress said...

P.S. I guess this is Knut's way of keeping the press attention so as not to become overshadowed by Flocke-much as American celebrities behave these days, I say!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Knut-sche. I am amazed by people's audacity.... Just because they 'saved' him, they expect him to behave like a well-trained human. Ha!