Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flying in Style with Lufthansa

Rana Florida over at creative classroom just posted this. I had to feature it as well. What do you think?

'I had the rare pleasure of flying Lufthansa, classe primo. What an amazing experience. Not only was the food delicious and the cabin spacious but the flight attendants were not surly! And the best part of all..every seat had a ROSE!
So typically after I fly, I rename the airlines. For example.
United is U-FRIGHTED
Northwest= NorthWORST
Southwest = SouthWORSTEST
Air Canada- SCARE Canada
Continental - Conti-HELL-tal
Delta - Schmelta
Aeroflot - AeroFLOP
American - Ameri-CANT
So for now, Lufthansa gets to keep it's name. Please share your monikers for the airline carriers.'


Anonymous said...

She gets it! Too funny. I heard a German fellow refer to Lufthansa as Lust-hansa. I thought that was funny, too.
Personal favorite: Delta-Schmelta.

Anonymous said...

But I suppose lower prices means lower level of luxury....? But then again I don't know how much it costs to fly Lufthansa.

Anonymous said...

Because simply 'get' the importance of space!
Go Lufthansa!!

Polly said...

I fly a LOT. I'd submit that Erste Klasse on ANY airline is a completly different experence than's like a virtual-physical experience created in the very same "tube" where every sensory experience is you aren't even in the same "there"