Thursday, April 17, 2008

Five Bucks Coffee?

I mention Starbucks quite often. It's after all a ubiquitous text for most people in modernity.
I was just given a t-shirt with this logo on it: Fivebucks Coffee.

I get a kick out of it for all the right reasons.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I want that shirt!!!
How did you get it? Or rather, where. Deets, please, deets. I want it.

Anonymous said...

For real! It's after all only coffee. If they gave you a muffin with it, I'd understand, but still!

Polly said...

where can i get one of those?!

Anonymous said...

again, the question that begs to be asked is:
just where does bri find these things?

Anonymous said...

ditto. like polly i want to know just where i could find one.....

Anonymous said...

i would totally wear this. since i visit my Sb's daily, it would be quite the walking 'text.'

aflo said...

Where to get these shirts? When I searched for these there were only 2 left.

Here is what I searched for and the link (Note: right now nothing comes up. But periodically the seller may repost an item in which case you should find it)


You may contact the seller and see if they have more of them
Note: the shirts themselves only come in really big sizes
What I recommend? Do what I did. Buy a shirt that fits you. Once you get your Fivebucks coffee shirt cut out the logo and take it to a seamstress and have them put the logo onto your new shirt.
Also: I would recommend putting in a bid as opposed to getting it as a BUY IT NOW. Just wait until there are 1-2 minutes left on the item and then bid. This way the possibility of the price going up is slimmer.

Anonymous said...

have you tried wearing at Starbucks?!

Unknown said...

As a former Starbuckian person all I can say is: I want one, too!