Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fashionable Intellectuals Wear Blue and Black Together

Mary, blue and black is relevant!
Voila this sample from sartorialist. Methinks, I'm 'verknallt.'
Ah, and killer eyewear never hurts the presentation. And in the words of Dave, "a fashionable intellectual is an appealing intellectual."


mary said...

Point taken. :-)

mary said...

And, I still think blue and black is not to say.....

eric said...

I've been 'in' all along. Who knew/!

dave said...

i wonder how feasible that presentation would be on someone who weighs more than 120 pounds. I think I know how you'll answer this, but I thought I'd give it a try.
The 'tube' pants, while 'gendered' are highly unlikely to be in my wardrobe. Even though, the blue and black combo is somehthing i'd consider.

Paul said...

Paul: goddammit
i brought blue and black back in 2004
i hate it when the fashion world is 4 years behind my minimalist a**
Brikena: haha
no way!
right on.
Paul: ask my gf!
she told me it was a real no-no
Brikena: post that!
Paul: and i said
"f that"
and then she started wearing it herself
looking all smart

John said...

I'm right there with Paul. As you well know, black and blue occupied mot of my wardrobe. Good to know, A. Wintour's 'ok-ed' it now.
What I don't like about the new styles, however, are the pant options. Generally, it's not a good idea to go for ultra tight pants. A tad too 'gendered' for an ungendered such as I :)
Thanks, kiddo. Dig this.