Sunday, March 23, 2008

Perfect Music for Spring

I have been a fan of the Swedish artist, Basshunter, for quite some time now. While plain techno is not everybody's cup of tea, Basshunter's mixes sport a balanced marriage of electro and punk-colored rhythm. Boten Anna seems to be his most popular track. The song, congruent with 21-century cyber-informed 'reality', is about an internet relay chat bot. The rhythm is contagious and the beat novel and appealing. There is also an English version of "Boten Anna" called "Now You're Gone."
Solid sound and I feature them on a quotidian basis in my playlists.
graph per wikipedia


Anonymous said...

has he ever toured in the US?

Anonymous said...

Predictable beat but I do like it. I don't know if he has toured here yet, u?