Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Lady and Ladyhawk

From one of my favorite bloggers out there, the adorable and ever so musically informed Carrie Brownstein of NPR's Monitor Mix:

"A few months ago I discovered a band called Ladyhawk. An advance copy of their latest CD, Shots, arrived in a package bearing the stamp of a record label whose curatorial prowess I'd grown to both admire and to anticipate. The back cover of the CD depicted four, shirtless, hairy men drenched in what looked like beer. Though I haven't blown up that picture to the size of a poster to hang on my bedroom wall, I have become a huge fan of Ladyhawk. In all honesty, and without exaggeration, I've listened to Shots nearly every day.

I love all sorts of music, and all genres, but my heart lies in the gritty and the guttural; in the bend of a guitar note, in the scratchy strain of a voice, and in the the stripped down honesty, and odyssey, of words, guitars, and drums."

Carrie's interview with Canada's Ladyhawk, a very good indie rock band from Vancouver, Canada may be found in its entirety here.


Anonymous said...

It makes full sense to me why you'd enjoy C.B.'s work, or the whole 'text' for that matter. I just discovered Ladyhawk after that discussion we just had about Vancouver's music scene. That scene is 'begging to be discovered' now, eh?.....

Anonymous said...

i was looking for new beats. ladyhawk it is. thanks carrie via bri.