Sunday, March 9, 2008

Androgyny Loose on the Streets

The runway is not the only place fascinated by androgyny.
The overall presentation oozes fluid, nonthreatening, and undefined lines. Very third gender. And as the Paris and New York runways revealed just a few weeks ago, androgyny is as 'in' in the fashion industry as 6.1 female models.
What's the vox populi on this?
graph her sartorialist


Anonymous said...

it looks a bit incoherent to me. The coat and sweater are a go. The lower half does not go with the top. but then again, I shop with price in mind so what could one as I know, ya?
if i compared this 'getup' to a literary text, i'd say it reads like a Heine poem....

Anonymous said...

Reminds one of Warsaw circa 1945. Wonder why?

And on another note, I hope the snow-covered Columbus streets are not bothering you much. One knows how the inability to bike might mess with Bri's desire to post entries and you know what kind of a relationship I have with high-frequency links :)

Anonymous said...

The vox populi in this neck of the woods says, 'nah!'