Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In Treatment

In Treatment is a new HBO show and one I am very much liking reading closely.
It's brutally honest and brutally emotional. It's also brutally literary. Here is a statement I read on imbd.com "When the narcissistic thrill of being a gifted therapist wears off, everything starts to make its way to the surface." I concur. Fully.
In Treatment is one reason to watch HBO or TV for that matter. I recommend the series most actively. The death of Alex, the uber-achieving pilot, was most sudden this week and the way the week's episodes dealt with it reinforced the notion that this is indeed a show worth watching. It's raw, emotional, real, and therapeutic on some level.


Anonymous said...

Bri, watching Alex' father talking to Paul right now. This show is genius, yes!
Favorite line:
"all these people who have been through this psychoanalysis will be the first ones to lose their heads...."

Anonymous said...

alex is my favorite too. tonight's episode was quite stirring, i agree, jen.

Anonymous said...

Laura is my favorite. One of the few texts that translates the notion of erotic transference accurately. Great show, I agree.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the episode when Paul genders Alex. That was one of the smartest TV moments of the year.

ZeitgeistBoheme said...

I like his meetings with Gina. After Alex's probable suicide, Paul questions whether Paul's father could be right that psychotherapy is not for everyone and that opening the subconscious is dangerous for some people. Alex's father raises the possibility that repressed guilt or other powerful emotions is necessary to survival in some contexts.

Elsewhere, therapy seems to work--like with Sophie.

I'm hooked on "In Treatment." Thanks for bringing it up

B.R. said...

Thanks, Joanna. His meetings with Gina are my favorites too. I liked what he told Sophie yesterday, i.e., that people go to therapy to separate who they are from who other people want them to be. It's a well written show that I'm also enjoying.