Saturday, March 15, 2008

Crossing Humor: An Eddie Izzard Portrait

The NY Times has a most enjoyable feature today on the British entertainer Eddie Izzard. Here is a snippet.

“Some people would heckle me and say ‘Where’s the dress?’ and I’d say ‘Don’t oppress me, you Nazi’ — tends to shut them up. Because I have fought for the right to be able to wear a dress, not that I have to wear a dress. I didn’t jump out of a not-wearing-dress box into a have-to-wear-dress box.”

I recommend the full feature.


Anonymous said...

triple HA! so glad you posted this. eddie izzard is brilliant. Dress to Kill is a must-see. thx.

Anonymous said...

To those History majors out there, you could always become an Izzard. No better way to put your training to use.