Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Tip of the hat to Richard over at Creative Classroom.

Best paragraph I read today comes from Jim Kunstler:

'2008 will be the year that celebrity wealth goes into hiding. A land full of people crying into their foreclosure notices will take a dim view of the Donald Trumps and P. Diddys luxuriating out there and may come looking for scalps -- though in the case of Mr. Trump they'll be sorry they woke up the wolverine that lives on his head. Basically, though, I'm not kidding. Conspicuous displays of wealth will be so "out" that Mr. Diddy might take to club-hopping in a 1999 Mazda. Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton may have to double-up living in a minuteman missile silo to keep the angry mobs of fans-turned-vengeful-berserkers away.'

Just where are we headed?


Anonymous said...

Kunstler loves to exaggerate but perhaps that's why some of us enjoy reading him.

Anonymous said...

Where to? The Hills, Make Me a Supermodel, Scott Baio....
Reality TV was enjoyable in the late 90's when the Real World was still a novelty.
Now it's just a nuisance. One more reason not to want to watch TV.
Richard mentioned some other shows on his post but you get the gist :)