Monday, January 14, 2008

Rebel, Über-cool Cook Anthony Bourdain Meets Confucius?

Experiencing Anthony Bourdain is like encountering some über-human hybrid consisting of James Dean and Martha Stewart.
He is one of the most fascinating pop culture characters I discovered in 2007. And I enjoy his blog as well. He uses culinary 'tropes' to tackle real-life issues and that skill alone is reason enough to enjoy him.
The best sentence I read today comes from his blog:

"It's a point of view popular among internet nerds and cubicle geeks who've never done a minute's physical labor in their lives, the same people who take photographs of every course at their favorite restaurants, convinced that it's Jean Georges himself in there, personally boning out their squab."
Read his blog here.
graph her Bourdain's own blog


Anonymous said...

This post goes well with Dimitri's post, I find.
You are after all, talking about a similar concept.
I am liking this new rubric you've got going, btw.

Bourdain is not that different from Freud, after all. Both chaps like to apply concepts from other fields. Ok, Bourdain looks more hip and he tends to sport nice jeans usually, whereas Freud, well, he needs to seriously reconsider his cigar-smoking.

Anonymous said...

it's obvious the guy is so NOT talking about food.....

Anonymous said...

i can think of few things that qualify as 'tropes' other than certain foods.....
such a fan of Bourdain.

Anonymous said...

it makes perfect sense to me to attempt an analogy between creativity and cooking. bourdain makes such an analogy concrete.