Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Non, je ne regrette rien."

The film La Vie en Rose chronicles the life and death of the incomparable Edith Piaf.
What makes this film unique is the way the narrative moves. The 41-year-old director, Olivier Dahan, is a rare example of a modern artist who has faith in the experiential and cognitive bank of the audience and subsequently respects it enough by not rendering someone's life story bearable.
Piaf's life is respected by virtue of not being dumbed down. Hardships and tragedy are depicted realistically and, in a way, I cannot help but think that this artistic choice is what makes this film a success.
Plus, the casting.
Dahan's Piaf is played by the bigger-than-life and fantastically talented Marion Cotillard.
Thanks for the tip back in June, Dimitri!
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Anonymous said...

yes, brilliant film. marion cotillard? mamma mia! she is super talented. what did you think of how ridley scott used her in 'a good year'?

B.R. said...

Cotillard is wonderful, I agree. I thought Ridley Scott read her just right in A Good Year.
She made R. Crowe's job much easier, I bet.