Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Micro to Macro: From the Coffeeshop to the Capital

The following by Hayley Richardson over at New American City blog proved to be the best-written paragraph of the day for me.

'We fill up coffeeshops with jagged haircuts and laptops, we keep boutiques in business and performance houses booked solid. We ride bikes, we do art –sort of. But the question asked of me over and over again by New Hampshirites was a fair one; what am I doing in Philadelphia to better my community? An astounding number of quality of life issues are decided at the local level, yet I was forced to admit that I don’t know the names of my neighborhood council members, have never been to a city council meeting. This post isn’t about the political apathy of my generation; that subject has certainly been exhausted. What I’m more concerned with is how to harness the power of the so-called creative class to make a difference that transcends the aesthetic.'

Pointer via creative classroom

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All I'll say is Form and Content binary.