Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Hair Stylist Styles Hair Not the Psyche

I have often wondered about what hair stylists must feel like when clients inundate them with their personal narratives. A hair stylist does therapy to one's hair and not to one.

A different person would attend to that particular need.

This is the premise of one of today's pieces on the NY Times which you can read here.


Unknown said...

I prefer silence when at the salon. Plus, I feel for poor stylists who have to appear interested when customers talk their ears off.

B.R. said...

I have, however, noticed that many stylists are also interested in much conversation. Something about the setting, I guess, that's conducive to talking.

Anonymous said...

Almost any service position is also a sales position and so it is essential to make some personal
connection with clients because it tends foster loyalty and trust and repeat business. Light topics with some periods of silence seem most suitable. I think the artistes can set the tone they want and discourage unfavorable topics, but enforcing silence seems too discomfiting. Nobody likes being treated as an object even an objet d'art.

Unknown said...

i agree with Joanna. people enjoy communication and a hair salon seems to be a kind of space that welcomes interaction. but, i also agree with the main point of the piece.... some clients do talk a tad much and poor stylists are not licenced 'head' therapists, but rather 'hair' therapists.