Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Section Announcement: "Word Has It..."

Starting the third week of January the blog will feature contributions from friends, collaborators, and colleagues of mine who come from different fields.

The title for this new addition will be "Word Has it..."

The purpose for this new section is to create an interactive and multidisciplinary atmosphere so that people from different fields can share and discuss their respective perceptions and understanding of popular culture.

I am very appreciative of them for helping mold and develop an interactive, learning arena.

"Word Has It..." coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Good idea and I'm looking forward to contributing. I have a question, however. Do I need to have my own blog to contribute? I do consider myself a blogger though, since I mostly read other people's blogs and comment to their entries. Please, advise. Thanks.

B.R. said...

No, one does not need to have one's own blog. I tend to define the term 'blogger' as anyone who doesn't just write blogs but also reads blogging contributions.

Unknown said...

could one contribute pieces that one also posts on one's blog? too many 'one'-s here.

B.R. said...

I would prefer that if they are posted in one blog, they not be posted here as well.... A link would suffice. Economy of speech and space, yes?