Sunday, November 25, 2007

Modest Mouse

There are a lot of reasons to like the well-established punk rock band Modest Mouse. The reason why I have been a fan for years is because of their unique sound and unconventional lyrics. They stand out and don't sound like 'stuff' one's heard before.

Their new 2007 album "We Were There Before the Ship Ever Sank," the band's fifth complete album, is unequivocally Modest Mouse at their best. Even though this time around they've added the former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr's post-punk sound, the listeners still feels like they are listening to old friends singing new material.

Other performers who contribute to this album are the Shins' James Mercer whose wonderful vocals can be heard in the track "Florida."

The best track of the album, in my view, is the typically Mouse "Parting Of The Sensory." Isaac Brock's voice has a haunting presence and it begs for full attention.

Those of you who enjoyed the commercially successful 2004 album "Good News for People Who Love Bad News," will react positively to this 2007 project.
It's Modest Mouse at their best. They're unapologetically unique, uninterested in commercial interest, and polished yet raw, at the same time.

Previous albums by the band are:

1) This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
2) Building Nothing out of Something
3) Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks
4) Good News for People Who Love Bad News

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Anonymous said...

have not looked back since their 2004 album. these guys are insanely good! thx.

Anonymous said...

i'm trying to decide who these guys sound like and, as you put it, they do sound like nobody else....