Saturday, November 24, 2007

iTunes at Starbucks

I think Apple's ads are generally smart but their blurb on the new Starbucks/iTunes alliance is not selling anything to me.

Here is the official Apple ad:

What’s That song?

'Say you’re in line at Starbucks. You hear this amazing song wafting from the speakers. You gotta have it. Now. Tap the iTunes button on your iPhone or iPod touch, tap the Starbucks button, and voilà: You see the current song, the last 10 songs played, and featured Starbucks Collections. Preview, buy, and download whatever you like, right then and there. Or, if you’re sipping away with your laptop, buy what’s playing — exclusively on iTunes.'

Well, if you are a loyal Starbuckian, you know that you can easily get music info without constantly checking the cornucopia of Apple gadgets you might have on you. You could easily spill your Macchiato on them and voilà, you need replacements. It's more convenient to focus only on the extra hot drink while standing. As far as the background music is concerned, well, all you need to do is ask you favorite barista to go in the back and check the player for you.
No need to do everything solo. Rely on the village once in a while. It also likes interaction.

graphs per Apple


Unknown said...

unless baristas don't feel like cooperating due to the countless lattes waiting to be made. but i agree with the music info sharing bit. it's more fun when you talk to other people about music after all.....

B.R. said...

Ah, yes. Well, true Starbuckians get - or at least they should get - 'legendary' service :)
That's what their mission statement says, at least.

Anonymous said...

and this applies to only the new iPod Touch and the iPhone?

Maggie said...

Just read the blog. All I have to say is Bravo! Less is more. I have a brain and a memory that works quite well, don't need to check up on something new every second.

Well said, Brikena.

B.R. said...

Exactly, Maggie. Even those in too great a hurry can afford to do their music research at a later post-coffee time. No need to uber-feed our already too fast pace, right?