Saturday, October 6, 2007

Take your music on the road.

The Subaru iPod Interface allows extensive control of your iPod through the Impreza’s factory head unit and steering wheel controls (if equipped). While connected, the iPod’s battery will be charged and scrolling text information can display playlist, artist, album, or song titles on the head unit. Choose from all the familiar play modes: repeat one song, repeat all songs, shuffle songs, and shuffle albums. You can even fast forward and rewind individual songs, Podcasts, or Audiobooks.

Never skip a beat.
Your iPod will be turned off when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off, and will resume playback when the ignition is turned back on. If the head unit is switched to AM/FM/CD or Aux modes, the iPod will pause and resume playback once the “SAT” button is pressed.

Out of sight.
The dock connector is located in the center console, freeing the interior of unsightly cables and keeping the iPod hidden from view.

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Zoom, zoom. I dig Subarus.... But you knew that. I dig the 'text' behind Subarus, but you knew that too.