Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Films to watch during the Fall season: "Garden State"

"Garden State" - written, directed, et al., by Zach Braff.

Good cinematic pace. To me, it's the perfect Fall film, perhaps because it's a text about transitions, change, and movement.

"Garden State" features too much of Braff, but it also features much else of significance.

An anthropomorphized New Jersey serves as actively as any other character in this film. It is, quite possibly, the making of the film.

"Garden State" was first realeased in select cities in the summer of 2004 and since it was not playing in my city of residence at that point, I went on a trip to Minneapolis (yes, "Garden State" is that good), where it and other indie titles were playing. That trip, was not a waste of time. I had just come back from my beloved Seattle and I seriously doubted I would have as good a time anywhere else, but I did. Largely due to the indie films I managed to see in one short visit.

True, I also saw my Minneapolis-residing person at that point, but I embarked on the trip primarily to view new, Sundance-type films. "We Don't Live Here Anymore" was the other film I intended to view [and did] while in MN.

One of the things time affords us is the ability to access older films with a measure of ease. This existentialism-informed film will not disappoint and Braff's ubiquitous presence is rendered tolerable thanks to a superior Natalie Portman and a talented supporting cast. And then there's the Garden State itself, Jersey....

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Erka said...

I will have to check this one out.
I actually get the Sundance movie channel with my digital cable subscription here in Seattle and watch a ton of movies from it. (Almost one a day during my baby's nap.) Hey Bri, do you remember many years ago when we went and watched a few movies in a row and didn't get out of the movie theatre til two in the morning? And to think that we had gone there at like two in the afternoon!

B.R. said...

Ah, yes, yes. Good times! For what else could a cinephile be other than one who sacrifices time and nourishment all in the name of filmic art? :-)
I will be interested to see what you think of this. It's a truly poetic film and one of the few I was drawn to, by sheer instict, from the very first day I saw its preview.
And perhaps next time I'm among Seattle-ites, we can all catch a whole bunch of indie films right by the PSU campus. Ja?

Unknown said...

"good luck exploring the infinite abyss." that was a good day, ja?

B.R. said...

It was good. And inconveniently so.
The soundtrack also opened new windows of musical possibilities. And there was the beginning.... Glad you like the text then.

Anonymous said...

You flying to MI to watch it does not surprise me at all. Truly cinelile-ish of you.