Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Starbucks Prices Up..., Again

Starbucks announced they are increasing their prices. Again. They contribute such changes to the high cost of milk. Got milk? Apparently, but it'll cost you a penny or nine to get your hand on some. A whole 9-cent increase since the month of October does sound a tad intimidating.
I am a fan of Starbucks since, for some [feng-shui, ha!] reason their spaces world-wide are creativity-conducive and more [selfishly] importantly I have many friends/people who work for the company who in turn are very good to me and mine.

However, all of these price increases might affect me negatively and I might just take my loyalty elsewhere. Well, I doubt I'll do so right away since I have been receiving a good, Starbuckian treatment for years now, but a 9-cent increase does not appear very friendly or neighborly. I realize they have to fund their 14.000 stores worldwide, pay for their expensive leases, and their part-time employee benefits, but still, an increase is an increase and coffee, after all, is just coffee.
Watch out Starbucks. I hear Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds are catching up, or at least trying to.


Anonymous said...

I've been telling you for years to abandon Starbucks and find something local.

B.R. said...

Thanks, anonymous. Might I know where such advice is coming from? :-)
Local places fail to come up with decent recipes, though.

Anonymous said...

ok, you didn't just mention McDonald's, did you?