Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Film Review: Once

I don't need much convincing when it comes to watching a film that manages to fuse well good music and literary input. So, after hearing about the new Irish film so appropriately entitled, Once, I had to make time for it.
And how glad I am that I did.

Frames' frontman Glen Hansard and the native Czech, Markéta Irglová, are the lead characters in this beautiful project and anybody with minimal musical background is bound to appreciate the brilliance of this film.

When "When Your Mind's Made up" was playing, I felt an unparalleled sense of melancholy and quietude.

Going to the movies felt relevant today. I revisited good things of the past in my mind as my soul was being fed wonderful tunes and lexemes. My present had to be in the back seat and I had a cinematic experience akin to the time I saw Garden State with a person I didn't "know but I felt I needed to."

And while getting such good nourishment, the following thought came to my mind:

All good loves/human connections subsequent to the one, core-morphing, great love/human connection cannot be anything but side dishes.

And one can live off of side dishes, of course, but true nourishment comes from that great, main dish that we could order just one special time and for some reason we feel lucky because a great human connection is a bargain that only the very, very lucky get to snag at the bazaar of experiences. And I wrote the above-mentioned on my phone as I was eating such lavish cinematic food.

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Liam said...

"snag at the bazaar of experiences" - my favourite line in your once experience review. i'm really glad you saw this. as you may have read in my blog last week, it was a film that i'd had every intention of seeing multiple times before i actually saw it, and all the flaking out by friends, staying late at work and other such impediments to my plan were worth it to build my anticipation...

B.R. said...

Ah, yes, "snag at the bazaar of experiences"... I was happy with this concoction auch. Good cinema inspires some 'disturbances of creation' after all.
Yes, this film is indeed like a delicacy. It needs to be eaten a number of times. I have informed all my West people to watch it as well. The Columbus-ites seem to be into it as well :-)