Sunday, July 15, 2007

Rocker in My Living Room

What I really love about this day and age, is that technology expedites so much so well. Thanks to public sites people can get in touch with old friends, get to discuss similar interests, like clothing in 14th century Italy, get info on new Indie music releases, and while we're at it, discuss which Bravo TV show is currently capturing pop culture the best way.
You know, relevant things.
But jokes aside, I'm blogging on something personally cool today and that is getting a rock concert in my own living room.
No joke.
I have made a friend who's so talented that the very thought of his music and poetry makes me happy. Happy that I get it.
While my penchant for music is as 'in' as Ben Sherman was in 2004, my penchant for musicians who also have a knack for creating good poetry is as 'in' as Ben Sherman in 2007.
Josh's band was going to come to Columbus and perform on my birthday weekend and, of course, I would go, but, alas, they had to cancel the concert due to some extenuating circumstances.
Subsequently, Josh suggests that they make it up to me by coming to Columbus and bringing the concert to my house. Of course, my first reaction was: "what, are you joking?" And, no, he wasn't. Joking, that is. We exchanged a number of emails over the course of a few days and Josh is intent on giving us a private concert.
Yes, I get to experience music I like from a talented poet of a rocker and I had to blog about it.
It's after all as novel as it gets and, methinks, almost as awesome as getting together with my 14-th century Italian clothing connoisseurs :-).
And days like this I really love being a creature of the 21st century, global warming and all.


Liam said...

you realise that you're setting a precedent, so whenever i'm on tour in the area, i'll plan on a show in your living room...

B.R. said...

Yes, yes, and yes. Columbus needs to see you perform. And most, importatly, I, along with it. And that would, indeed, make a heck of memory. There's a big music scene here, so I hope you make it out here soon.