Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Since most of my radio work features my uncompromised love for gadgets, more specifically that box of possibility, i.e., the iPod, it's only natural that I'd have an avid interest in the iPhone, a first cousin to the ipod.

Troy kept 'encouraging' me to get it and a cornucopia of friends and family members kept asking me what my reaction was to such a gadget and how I rated it. They all assumed I had acquired it already. Hmm. Won't even try to do a close reading of this last expectation.

However, I did my research.

I went to the Easten Mac store, my Mac store, in Columbus, and Greg gave me the 411 on the iPhone. I played with it for an unhealthy amount of time. Actually it was so long that my vision got a tad blurry which is what happens to me after a long time of concentrated work. Yup. I played with the iPhone a whole lot and figured it out.
That it's an appealing gadget, there are no doubts about that.

The iPhone sports a healthy balance of appealing form and substantial content. It has the elegance of a well-conceptualized Mac product, with its slick, fluid, and appealing features.

It does have issues as well. Most good things, after all, come with a healthy package of issues, don't they?

The feature that I find most problematic is the internet option which, I have to say, is quite slow. Too slow for those of us who are hooked on speed and feel incapacitated by a-la-20th-century speeds.

The iPod feature of the phone itself is quite nifty since one gets to scroll through the albums with much facility. However, the iPhone cannot contain all the info I'd like to have handy due to its limited capacity.

In short, it's an appealing gadget, it's bound to make one lose track of time, it's not labor-intensive when it comes to being figured out, the phone feature delivers and it's very easy to carry since it basically weighs nothing.

But, I sure like to have fast access to my information and speed is the one fundamental thing this gadget is lacking.

Plus, if one is keen on writing emails or texting, well, it is quite difficult to master such a skill on the little gadget. Maybe the 2.0 version will be better suited for such a task.


Liam said...

i agree that the keyboard is kinda tricky. it lends itself toward many typos, thus reducing any speed presumably gained over hitting the 5 key three times to get an "L" due to constant backspacing to edit. the internet was a fine speed when i was playing around on it, but the screen size forces one to have to enlarge, decrease and scroll way more than i would like to, making it less user-friendly to this user. i'm hoping a subsequent version of the iphone will be able to greatly surpass the inaugural iphone...

B.R. said...

...inaugural iphone... ha. I like! Witty.
And I concur, a later model might just rectify most probs. But I have to admit that it's a mesmerizing gadget. Much time is bound to go to it when in one's hand.

Erka said...

Hmm, I have never been that fascinated with electronics myself, but I think I might just take a short trip to the Mac store right by my place and take a look at this thing. My husband tells me they have it advertised all over the store.

kiki said...

I think the iPhone is pretty incredible. A couple friends have them, so I've been able to play with them quite a bit. I'm not very bothered by the internet speed because it's not much slower than my cable connection. I love that I can get the interface that I'm used to on a phone now. I am holding out for the next generation thinking there will be more space on it. The thing I really don't like about it is that I couldn't send pictures from the iPhone to another friend's phone like I can on any other phone in text messages. And I wouldn't be able to receive photos from anyone else's phone either. That's really a HUGE deal to me.

B.R. said...

I do think, the iPhone is pretty incredible and I have done my homework on it pretty extensively. That I will get one, that's a given. I just upgraded to a new MacBook, so the temptation was there, believe me. It was staring at me during the whole transaction, but I didn't cave. Why? B/c I know the next version won't feel like a decadence to me. But I need more space, and I also need to have the photo option, like you mentioned.