Friday, June 29, 2007

Move over, Michael Moore, it's Paris time!

Those of you who have attempted to get news out there the past few days might have been as vexed and confused as I, I suppose.

Michael Moore, the director of the new film called "Sicko" was supposed to be on Larry King this week. Since "Sicko" tackles the health care system and since this topic is vastly relevant and consequential, I decided to tune in to Larry King's show and see what Moore had to say re: his latest cinematic project. Well, lo and behold, instead of Moore I saw Paris Hilton sitting in King’s studio.

Yes, Michael Moore was asked to give up his seat for P.H. who would enlighten us all about her experience and supposed 'growth' in jail. Yee Gads, indeed! Who the flip is this creature, what has she created and why is she news-worthy?!

Not too long ago I used to think, ever-so-ignorantly of course, that the lexical concoction “Paris Hilton” was perhaps merely a hotel in Paris, France. But then an aesthetically disturbing female shows up every-flipping-where, infiltrating most facets of news and media and while in the past I would sporadically turn on the TV to catch the news, now I simply cannot.

I hear the lady-in-drag speak to Larry King for a few seconds and I cringe. I feel embarrassed for her. No, I take that back. I feel ashamed for her. I try not to be condescending or too judgmental vis-à-vis other people and their speech patters, but …. See, I don’t even have enough language to comment on that linguistically traumatic experience.

The best bit comes next, however. King asked her whether she had treated past experiences frivolously and she didn’t know what that adverb actually meant. King, in a professional manner, of course, paraphrased the question using monosyllabic lexemes which the heiress could masticate and subsequently swallow.

And this creature bumped Moore’s interview. Good heavens!

I reckon it is frivolous to fret and get vexed. Thank goodness for the internet and other somewhat respectable news agencies out there which manage to provide some actual news once in a while.


Erka said...

Oh, this made me laugh! You know, it wasn't til a few months ago that I too discovered that Paris Hilton, was not just a geographical destination, but a real person! Since then though, I see worthless Paris everywhere. Why on the earth do television stations waste time on her? Comic relief, maybe?

B.R. said...

My question, too. After very little thought on it, I figured it's yet another escapist strategy of the media. discussing an heiress in jest is far easier to process... Or so they think. And it's not like the 'thinkers' are the majority anyway. Why provide news for those who actually care what's happening in thw world.

Indeterminacy said...

Thank you for visiting my site and for the nice comment.

I'm shocked at reading this post. What can you say to PH bumping MM - well you said it all. Michael Moore should bump back.

B.R. said...

Right. Well said. I guess at times it's simply more historically significant to look at PH's post-incarceration designer clothing, rather than seriously ponder the health care system and MM's film. I'm glad I ran into your blog as well. Cheers.