Monday, April 9, 2007

Rock Stars and Their God-granted Right of Validation!

I feel so naturally high right now because that member of that untouchably great caste, i.e., the rock star, told me specifically that he "digs the way I think about his work." Why should I get so happy when some rock star tells me that? I mean, I'm in the thinking business. I should know all that. But, let me say this, it's so flippin' awesome to hear that come out of the mouth of a rock musician. Perhaps it's their chosen incoherence, or torn Diesels, or vintage tshirts, or their tofu-hinted breath, or something, but it's so sexy to hear something so specifically real said about your own words.

Yes, a rock star told me that I, I, 'get his words.' And believe me, I feel pretty close to heaven right now. It feels as good as the day the dissertation committee said they agreed with the premise of my book. Not an overstatement, really. That a rock star would validate my thinking, dude, that never entered my cognitive realm. But it's pretty friggin' awesome! It rocks inside and out. 'So you, like, get it, you know.' Man, that's just as valid as a PhD diploma.

But shhhhh, don't tell anyone.

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Anonymous said...

this is just precious!