Thursday, April 5, 2007

Bravo TV

Recently, thanks to a friend of mine, I was introduced to Bravo TV. Yes, I have cable, I don't know why, but I do. I am hooked to such shows as Top Design and Work Out. Seeing artisitic people and good-looking people get all worked up on account of human drama, is quite fascinating. Whether it's Jackie Warner's abs or Matt's clothing choices, I have to watch. And then there are the designs produced by Carisa, Matt and Andrea. Methinks, Carisa might win. They sent Andrea home, the architect, and they kept Carisa instead. Carisa plays nicely with colors but she lacks sophistication. She reminds me of pseudo-intellectuals a-la-Bay Area in the 21st century. You know the kind who has a BA in some design program, or perhaps English or writing, got a seemingly flashy job in some San Francisco-based place reviewing new albums or tech gadgtes, and their library contains real vintage art from the 60's and 70's and also a few New Yorkers here and here, just to give off the right sophisticated vibe. YEEE GADS!!
Anyway, I do not know how I came to that analogy, but that's basically what Carisa's designs make me think of: a lot of color to divert your attention from that little thing called content. I guess whenever form gets privileged over content, I am bound to think of pseudo intellectuals. Or something.


blogsurfer said...

Anyone would really love these shows of fashion and design programs. And now Bravo TV has finally brought us
"Flipping Out"
, I'm sure anyone who's into real estate would really love it. Did anyone see the new Bravo show Flipping Out? Jeff seems a little neurotic but his friends are cool, especially the psychic, Tori.

B.R. said...

I totally agree. What Bravo TV is doing, is marrying art and creativity with daily neuroses. And that's one awesome combo!! Thanks for the note.