Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Practice & Repetition

Practice and repetition are two things that pop up in my head every time I'm out in the ocean surfing.
I am deeply in love with windsurfing. Still. Actually, more than I was when I first picked it up.

As my favorite surfing instructor once told me: "you'll know in your gut when you get it." He was right. 100%. The moment you feel like you've struck a good, functioning relationship with the wind, the sail, and the board, you feel invincible.

But the only way to manage a sport like this is by giving in to practice and repetition. Much like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. In this kind of activity though, there's little to no tedium to constant repetition.

Pick something difficult, get to the point where it makes sense in you gut, and sail on! The music I set this clip to is to Xavier Rudd's Spirit Bird. My yoga teacher made me aware of him. Much of my media listening centers around podcasts now and I've put one of my other loves, music, in the back seat for a while. Time to bring it back to the front seat where it needs to be. Give Rudd's music a listen. Worth it.


Anonymous said...

Dig it. :)
Cool song too.

Anonymous said...

Such a fun sport!