Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm Back: Why Absence and Presence Reflect Each Other

It took losing my site due to neglecting to renew it to really make me appreciate it. I did move it to another domain as well to preserve the multi-year content but still I knew I didn't have it here and it started to bother me. At first, I paid no attention as I was too busy and distracted to notice. But then, as it usually is the case, an idea or phrase would come at me and I'd want to write. And I'd think of the medieval background of the site and I'd feel what some would call melancholy.

And so I started on the quest to get what I want. It took a litany of emails and this and that and bing-bang-boom, the site's back.

We all seem to understand when someone says you don't know the value of something till it's gone.

So, here's to hanging on for a little longer. Still here.