Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hmm. You Want a PhD in the Humanities?

My good friend just sent this to me. Alas, much of it is true. It's especially interesting if one has a graduate degree, is a college professor, and has had countless conversations with students who come for advice whether or not to go to graduate school.

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Sean said...

PhD's should be treated better in society. I don't know what it's like to be in the 1% of the educated world and to have to put up with less than mediocre thinkers in less than mediocre settings. All PhD's need to be given an opportunity to pursue their esoteric interests together. Alas, in a market economy it's not necessarily feasible to provide an arena for them to do so.
This was good but chilling, too. Are you going to review it?

Unknown said...

Very few people were truly original and bright back in graduate school.
I think that academia should be as market economy-informed as all else in the world. Not every tweed-wearing professor is brilliant and with-it intellectually. It is rather bizarre though that after years of getting a doctorate, PhD's can only pursue tenure in odd places where they would never go were it not for the job.

Unknown said...

Also, the robot-like voice on the female grad made so much sense here. A totally awesome clip!

Sra said...

Funny. I love the stark honesty. Interesting to see things from the other side.

brokennarcissist said...

Sigh, why must the label radical Marxist always used as pejorative?