Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brandon Flowers' New Music: A Comment

Brandon Flowers' new track "Crossfire" from him soon-to-be-released album Flamingo is another beautiful melange of sensitivity, poetry, Western imagery, and unencumbered aesthetics. Just what do I think about the sound of this track? Well, let's see. I've been listening to the track for days now.

The video is also a good supplement to the track. Where it delivers is in its minimalism. While the video has a few ninjas flying around, a distressed Flowers, and an uber-fit Charlize Theron, it is washed with polite sentimentality. In concrete terms, notice the quick smiles of the main characters' faces. If that is not an example of visual poetry, then I'm letting my liking of the track blur my vision.

I have a hard time liking things that a whole lot of people also like. It's not snobbery, really. Ok, maybe it is. What makes me cautious of things that have much appeal is one thing: fear of mediocrity. Flowers' art, however, was not always mainstream. It was indie long before it entered normativity-landia. And, I reckon, that's what makes it ok for me to keep reacting so positively to his new work. We're all entitled to having favorites. And he happens to remain one of mine.

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JJ said...

He was smart to get Charlize Theron to be in the video. I think I started to get interested in the song, after seeing the video. He does have a great ear for indie rock, though. I remain a fan, too. Can't wait for the album to come out.

Anonymous said...

HA!! "It's not snobbery, really. OK, maybe it is."
Cracked me up!
I think what makes his so good is because he's managed to keep his unique sound from the beginning of Hot Fuss. There's no auto tune nonsense and bizarre lyrics. It's just talent at play. And talents is ALWAYS en vogue, as a certain someone always says....

Anonymous said...

Oh, and of course, Theron is the making of the video! It's what talent looks like on the screen. Put two talented people together and the rest of us will watch/listen.