Monday, May 10, 2010

Casey James on Rodeo and Things Los Angeles

I just returned from a trip out West. While in Los Angeles, we saw a few famous people, the very last one being Zach Braff who ordered his drink at my favorite Coffee Bean on Sunset right before we ordered our chai. Very LA, yes.

While on Rodeo we saw Casey James and we took a picture or two. He was very gracious and kind. So, my tip of the hat goes to him and other down-to-earth folks like him who don't take themselves too seriously and enjoy the ride they're on.

I'm also noticing that this picture which I uploaded on my Twitter account has already been viewed and re-tweeted about 140 times.

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JJ said...

Ha. BR posing with a pop star. Right, I know, it's La, it's Rodeo Dr., it's an aesthetically superior person. It all makes good sense. When in LA....

Anonymous said...

Some aesthetics definitely begs for attention. Nice!
Did you spend much time on Sunset?

Sra said...

Can't say I know who he is, but he makes a handsome photo nonetheless.

Dana said...

How long did you stay this time? Did I hear right through the grape vine that you actually saw Bill Maher live?