Saturday, April 17, 2010

HetPer's Compilation of Reviews

I have been asked a few times over the years to collect all of my music reviews into a book. Since the task seemed daunting when I first heard it proposed to me I thought I would do so at a later time as my time is spoken for as is. However, this past month I thought I would see what the quantity of the reviews was and it turns out that the collection is not too impossible a task to actualize. The music reviews alone are in the hundreds and if I select only the best one I could end up having a total of 100. This is a later project but definitely doable as the work itself, i.e., the reviews have been compiled over the years.

So, stay reading. The review book is coming up and I will certainly link to it here on HetPer as well.

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Unknown said...

Excellent!! I've wondered about this too. Which format are you thinking about picking?

JJ said...

Very cool. I always read the reviews and I'll surely read this too. Staying tuned. :)