Saturday, April 17, 2010

Assorted Links

1) What it feels like to be size normal in a super-skinny world. Interesting article by Jigsaw owner Belle Robinson.

2) Why are there so few women in Silicon Valley? Tip of the hat to Richard Florida for the pointer. Read here.

3) What makes a great neighborhood? Read here.

4) On the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. You can see the new music videos here.

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Unknown said...

I liked the Jigsaw bit. Self-acceptance is truly such an appealing trait in others and most importantly in one's self.

Sra said...

Self-acceptance is important, but it's not easy to come by when everything external tells you you're only worthwhile at a size 8 and below.

Anonymous said...

Sra does make a good point. Self-acceptance is a lofty goal but alas one that is truly hard to achieve.

JJ said...

Love the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs!!
We were driving by this really great-looking neighborhood yesterday and it made sense that property values would sky-rocket in a place that's well kept and maintained. Aesthetics, really, is never inconsequential.