Saturday, March 27, 2010

She and Him

She and Him is a new indie-folk band comprised of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. When on my last conference, one of the attendees in the session in which I presented asked me a question regarding Deschanel's musical style and how I thought it went with her overall acting and screen presence. I answered saying that there seems to be a good measure of congruity between the majority of the roles she has taken this past decade and some of her musical projects I have had a chance to check out. Also, unlike other performers, Deschanel seems happy occupying and owning an indie place in entertainment. She does not seem to starve for that one role that will propel her away from the indie margin and into mega stardon and big mass appeal. And, perhaps that is the secret to her success with art lovers. She seems to effortlessly perform and enjoy the art form she is in for what and how it is. And much of art has to do with authenticity of expression and sheer enjoyment.

I will be reviewing the new album by She and Him soon. In the meantime, check out a new track from them called "In the Sun."
Also, the Rolling Stone reviewed the new album briefly and also included a sampler of all of their tracks. You may read their review and listen to their tracks here.

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Sra said...

I fell in love with ZD's singing style in the movie Elf, and kept my eyes open for her to make an album someday ever since. I knew it was a matter of time. Stumbled upon She & Him vol. 1 about a year ago, and it's everything I expected from her. Haven't gotten vol. 2 yet. They are playing in Bend, OR in May, and I am very tempted to go, but need to figure out if I can justify the expense. I think considering my admiration for her musical style, I probably can justify it.

Dana said...

I didn't know she sang. I'll definitely check her sound now. Thx.
And she def. is refreshing and, as you note, authentic.

Anonymous said...

This sound is a bit too safe and cute. I will check out the album, though. She does have good presence. And a nice voice.

JJ said...

I like that she's so unique. That's why I watch her films. Did you see her in that Ed Harris film a couple of years ago?

Anonymous said...

She's got a good voice. I was expecting a more solid guitar, though. Vol. 1 was good and hopefully Vol. 2 will be good, too. Have not looked at Vol. 2 yet.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your review of the album. This track is so-so. I also dig Zooey, though.