Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Videocast: Big Love, an Analysis

In this new episode I discuss the new season of the HBO show Big Love.

You may see me discuss this videocast here.

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Feedback welcome.

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Anonymous said...

I think that the new season is dealing with modern topics of culture and politics in an informed and academic way. I was glad to see Nicky's character change for the better, though. At least, to me, she changed for the better.

By the way, I loved the look in this! I wish the lights weren't resting on your glasses though, which, btw, are rockin'!! As is the boyfriend jacket but, of course, you know that. I never expect anything else out of the hypermodern, anyway. :)

Anonymous said...

Another point I wanted to make was how well they developed Barb this season. She really comes into her own and we see her as a better developed, cognitively mature woman.
And, another 'superficial question' where does the jacket come from?

Unknown said...

I was wondering about the new season. Will be watching, of course. What's really impressed me about this show is how well-researched and informed it is. Sissy Spacek will be good to watch as she has good range. Thanks for this. I'm glad the episodes are back. :)

Dana said...

I was hoping that this would be a longer season. Nine episodes total didn't really do justice to the plot development, I thought. The Alby/Dale relationship was really interestingly done, tough.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why there aren't more shows like this on cable these days. Big Love makes you think while retaining its aesthetically pleasing form.
Thanks for this.

JJ said...

I liked that Bill's weakness are so clearly seen vis-a-vis the strength of the women characters this season. Barb is really on the ball, too. Good season. I was hoping it would be a longer season, too.

E. said...

This is such a good show!! thanks for the review.