Saturday, February 20, 2010

High/Low Brow

Tip of the hat to Penelope Trunk over at Brazen Careerist (one of my current favorites) for producing the most gripping mini paragraph of the day.

"I am obsessed with the meshing of lowbrow and highbrow. I’m convinced that if you understand high brow well, then you are also a great judge of low brow, and you can get even more pleasure out of that."

More here.

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Dana said...

I also often think about where the two meet.

JJ said...

Messing high and low takes practice and knowledge mostly of the highbrow bit. Lowbrow can be 'learned' with much more ease.

Unknown said...

I think you can appreciate highbrow culture better after some exposure to lowbrow things. I always wondered in college what people meant by 'going slumming' I think I get it better now.