Sunday, January 31, 2010

Being Sensitive, Gender, iPhones, and Gadget-mania

I had an interesting exchange with the Apple representative today. I called to report a problem with my iPhone and that I needed to get a replacement through my Apple Care plan. The rep asked me to describe the problem and the following ensued:

Rep: What's the issue with it?

I: Well, the wheel is not cooperating and instead of responding when I press it, as it should, it responds without my actual pressing down on it. I could be in the middle of a text message and then I get sent back to the main screen. So, the screen is hyper sensitive.

Rep: So, the wheel is not operating as it should and the screen is
being hyper sensitive, right?

I: Right.

Rep: Sorry, it's taking me a while to spell 'sensitive' in my notes here. I'm a guy, you know, I don't do well with 'sensitive.' Ha, ha ....

I: No worries. Take your time. I'm a girl and I don't do well with 'sensitive' either, you know? So, it's all good.

And then he proceeded to laugh for a bundle of seconds. The rep was most helpful and I suppose a bit of self-effacing humor expedites the fastest of solutions. And that would be the moral of the story.

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Anonymous said...

HA!! And that's what I call a good, natural, trust-building encounter. Good one!!

Sra said...

Ha ha! If only more customer reps were pleasant to deal with.

Anonymous said...

HA!! Way good one!