Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Study on Overconfidence.

Fascinating bit.
"The puzzle about overconfidence is its ubiquity. Many studies have shown that most people have an exaggerated sense of their own capabilities, an illusion of control over events and an invulnerability to risk. Most people, for example, believe they are above average drivers, a statistical impossibility. We are all overconfident in one way or another."

More here.

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Becca said...

Overconfidence is so unsexy! I dug this.

Sra said...

But, I'm unique! Just like everyone else!

Anonymous said...

My overconfidence puts me to shame. ;)

aflo said...
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Unknown said...

Hmm. I look at it the way I look at a sense of entitlement. It's got to get checked.
Overconfidence is just another way of saying too much faith in one's lack of skill. Confidence allows us to do better, over-confidence eradicates what little's been already accomplished.
Ah, the crazy times we live in.
Another thing about my take on it is that when I see it in people my appetite goes out the window.
Modesty is sooooo sexy!

And, I'm with Sra!

Dana said...

Overconfidence is about as useful as ineptitude.
Thx for this.

Unknown said...

Also, if this is not a good translation of the mood of our times I don't know what is. Good stuff, this study.