Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Curb Your Enthusiasm Does Seinfeld Reunion

Curb Your Enthusiasm, my top choice of smartest/best comedy of our time, starts its new season this Sunday. What I think of Larry David is nothing new as he's a high-frequency item in here. What he is doing this new season however is something fans of comedy have been asking since 1998. That question is, will there ever be a Seinfeld reunion show?
Well, it seems like such a thing might just happen during the seventh season of Curb which starts airing on Sunday on HBO.

Larry David says:

"How many times in the past ten years have you been approached to do a 'Seinfeld' reunion?
"It's come up quite often. People asked me and I said no. That's probably why it was in my head. I never considered it and I never will consider it. ''Curb' Your Enthusiasm' is the only way it could have ever gotten done. We didn't really do a reunion. We did a faux reunion. We're doing episodes of 'Curb.'"

You can read the entire interview here.

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Dana said...

I saw the behind-the-scenes of the reunion and I can't wait for the premiere of this. They just don't make comedies like this anymore.

Anonymous said...

This will be an awesome season. I can't wait for Leon!!

Candace said...

One of the few shows that expects the audience to think.