Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tip of the Hat to Vegas

Since I travel a good deal, I pay attention to airports. One of the first things that's important to me is free WiFi. Another thing is wider access to healthier food choices. Aesthetics and tidy spaces matter too.
Having these things in mind, the star of the year goes to the Las Vegas airport. I was amazed by how spacious, clean, well-kept, with-the-times, and overall interesting it was.
The last time I passed through the Vegas airport was in 2006 but at that time the airport was under construction and new repairs. Plus, since I used to get to Vegas by car when I lived out West, I didn't have much experience with it.
One thing I'm especially appreciative is the free WiFi.
Granted, it is Las Vegas and things and signs Las Vegas aren't everyone's bag of chips, as it were, but the overall quality of the newly updated airport is indeed impressive.
So, I give it my tip of the hat today.
Ah, yes, there are also tons of Barry Manilow, Penn & Teller, Bette Midler et al., posters around as well as gambling machines but as the saying has it, when in Vegas....

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Tina said...

Yes, it's a huge airport. What set it apart for me were the slot machines :)

Unknown said...

My main frustration with US airports is the seeming lack of power outlets. I have a few hours to wait between connections and no chance to use my laptop. Oh, and the WiFi thing, too. I've not had a chance to see the LV airport as I always tend to drive out there but it's good to know. I was impressed by the Philly airport.