Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mad Men: Taking Advertising and TV by Storm

Mathew Weiner is the brain and creative force behind AMC's mega hit drama series Mad Men. The writing is fabulous as I have already noted here at different times and the acting follows suit.

If you have one hour to spare a week, make sure to see this. Mad Men just started its third season and the first episode is available in full on the official AMC site. You may view that first episode here. It's aesthetically pleasingly, culturally fascinating, and intellectually stimulating. How often can we say this about TV programming these days?

And Jon Hamm continues to deliver. A true gem of a production.

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JJ said...

LOOOOVE Mad Men! I'm so glad I stuck with it through the first two seasons. This will be one heck of a third season!

Anonymous said...

love this show!!

Unknown said...

The writing is so spot-on here. You actually feel transported to a new area. And the aesthetic of the set and costumes is just breath-taking.