Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NPR Offers Exclusive First Listen: Lightning Dust

Very, very good album from Vancouver-based act Lightning Dust. The album is called Infinite Light and it's the band's sophomore project.

You can hear it here courtesy of NPR.

or here:

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Anonymous said...

Sweet. Thanks, Bri. Was craving new music to get me through the day today.

Anonymous said...

You didn't just post this to placate my text messages, did you?
It's how a narcissist posts comments, btw.

JJ said...

They sound a bit like Camera Obscura. Dig this.

Becca said...

Adorable! Adorable!!

Liam said...

i've been enjoying this so far. thanks, bri and npr. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree. Adorable.
Thanks Bri and NPR!! I'll order both of their albums. Can't believe I'd never heard of them.