Friday, May 8, 2009

New Videocast: Of Entertainment, Michael Chabon, and Michel Foucault

In this new episode of Gendering the Media with Brikena Ribaj, I discuss the concept of entertainment as Michael Chabon treats it in his recent book Maps and Legends as well as Michel Foucault's treatment of heterotopias.
I mention reality TV, modernity, Wagner, Verdi, and, of course, Franz Ferdinand.

The main question I raise is: What is a heterotopia?

You can view this videocast here.

Incidentally, one of the sentences I quote from Chabon's latest book says the following about entertainment:

"Entertainment is junk and too much junk is bad for you. Bad for your heart, your arteries, your soul."

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Unknown said...

Cool. I have been wondering about heterotopias since last time you mentioned it. I quite enjoyed the idea that a private space in 'thought' and time between thought A and thought B is a heterotopia.
Foucault mentions something about time and space in his Des Autres Espaces and he seems to privilege 'space' over time. Could you elaborate on it?

Unknown said...

"Entertainment is junk and too much junk is bad for you. Bad for your heart, your arteries, your soul."
Interestingly put.
I need to read Chabon's latest.

Anonymous said...

"A healthy amount of levity makes the seriousness that one espouses shine."
I liked this.
I'm chewing on it as I write this....

Becca said...

Intresting take on entertainment and different forms thereof. The bit about levity accentuating seriousness needs some more consideration from this end. what informed it? thx.

James said...

I think Foucault also talks about the different principles of heterotopias. Could you comment?
Also, are you heading to Michigan?

Ana S. said...

Hi - thank you for stopping by my blog! I really wanted to watch the video, but for some reason I can't get it to work :/ Probably because I'm using an ancient desktop since my laptop went and died. I'll be sure to come back once it's fixed, though!

D.P. said...

I often refer to food analogies when discussing the concept of entertainment. Just because I like sushi doesn't mean that I don't also occasionally go for Wendy's French Fries.
I liked.

Anonymous said...

Tip of the hat for the last 40 seconds of this.
I am still processing it. Levity/seriousness!!

Brooke B said...

Was the drive back from Michigan also heterotopic? :)

B.R. said...

-Right. he does privilege space over time. As Foucault puts it: "Our epoch is one in which space takes for us the form of relations among sites."
-The bit about levity accentuating seriousness was informed by my quitidianity. There are moments in a given day when I wonder about that which makes seriousness palpable and that happens to be levity for me.
-In the principles, he attempts to define what heterotopias are and what their functions are.
-Sure and thank you. I was happy to see that you are giving much literary attention to Michael Chabon who I think is one of the most relevant voices in contemporary American fiction.
-The drive was fine. Very long and quite tiring as I did the whole thing is one day. But it was fine. Another change to engage in long periods of contemplation, I suppose.