Friday, April 3, 2009

New Videocast: Why Do We Like What We Like?

What do narcissism and taste have in common?
Consider this video episode.
In this piece I investigate the saying De gustibus non est disputandum, i.e., there is no accounting for taste.
Just why do we like what we like?
To answer this question, I opted to speak my ideas to the camera. Enjoy the videocast and I look forward to your reactions/comments.

You can watch the piece here.

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Tina said...

"It's my thing. Let it go."
Thanks for this.
Interesting take that a good measure of narcissism is healthy when it comes to appreciating art.

T. said...

Ha. I like the bit about your honest relationship, or lack thereof, to musicals.
'I despise musicals!' ha!

Anonymous said...

'A whole lot to do with spontaneity and little do with affectation....'
Food for thought!!
It's funny how the other half miraculously fills the iPod with new tracks.

jj said...

Narcissistic art lover?
Honest, intellectual, smart!

Sean said...


Sean said...


Deidre said...

the idea that narcissism is related to the concept of taste and that latter is not entirely arbitrary is something I'll need to give some thought to. Hmm. I do have to admit, I'm thinking twice about some of my hobbies....

Unknown said...

A good measure of narcissism never hurt anyone.
Jokes aside, I believe that, too. Why else have mirrors around and apply makeup? Or even match clothing?
Some own it, others mask it. Food for thought.
Were you reading this out of prompters, btw?

Unknown said...

Btw, is the top of Ben Sherman?

Shaun said...

"imitation wen it;s not done right is problematic."
I totally agree. Nothing taints an art form faster than cheap mimesis.

Heather said...

I have long thought about what's behind ideas like 'type' and 'taste' and this is giving me some food for thought.
It's is rather gutsy to think about the origin of one's tastes, though, right?
I liked the 'Denim' references, too, i.e., you simulating the scooter-driving mannerisms.
Thank you!

Sra said...

This is so great. I was mentally composing a blog post about couples who look like each other and how I thought this was because we are all basically narcissistic, so obviously I love your premise. I completely agree and I love how you think this healthy level of narcissism that informs your taste is not a bad thing. I think not either. Nor do I think this base instinct could be avoided.

But now I suppose I have to ask myself what my like for these affected unrealistic musicals says about me. Hmmm... ;) it's probably an appreciation of the fantastic and absurd. Maybe.

Love the video format.

Finn said...

It's an interesting concept, the idea that basic narcissism informs our tastes.

I think I have a bit of shift in my understanding of 'tastes.' I really liked this and I hope you do more videocasts. Killer eyeware, btw! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I really liked the natural pace of the discussion. I hadn't given much thought o my personal tastes, but this adds a new dimension to the thing for me.

J said...

Yay for healthy narcissism!
I really dug this. On iTunes, the screen is really big. I liked!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we can control what we like but we can sure try to understand it.
Like, for example, why do some of us go for petite, fit, green-eyed smart people?