Wednesday, April 15, 2009

James A. Schultz' Book

Those of you interested in Literary and Gender Theory and the literature of the Middle Ages will enjoy James A. Schultz' excellent book Courtly Love, the Love of Courtliness, and the History of Sexuality.

I was asked by the journal German Quarterly to review Schultz' book and I happily reviewed it. Schultz' work is amazingly well contextualized, elegantly written, and smart.

A bit of my review says:

"Schultz's Courtly Love, the Love of Courtliness, and the History of Sexuality, provides an informed and contextualized investigation of courtly love and the courtliness aspect of this form of love in the German Middle Ages. This carefully historicized and gender-focused work will be a helpful tool not only for German and European medievalists but also gender theorists and scholars of any literary period."

You can read that review here.

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JJ said...

This looks interesting. Does it relate to Foucault's own History?

the other medievalist :) said...

I saw his earlier publication, The Round Table, and was impressed by the short bits I read.
Do you find that there is a shortage of gender theory-informed work in the German Middle Ages?
What do you think of Sally Poor's work, btw?

Tina said...

Noted. Will def. check this out. Thanks for the review.

Gina said...

How about people like Blum, Puff, Poor?

Gina said...

Sorry, I meant my question as an answer to the other medievalist's question.

Brooke said...

I just added the book to the list of titles to read this summer.
I have some questions about your review, though.
May I come by your office next week, please?