Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brandon Flowers and Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan

Black Book Magazine has a gripping bit on The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers and Depeche Mode's main guy Dave Gahan. It tackles both artists' unique performance styles, overall artistry, respective religions, music/lyrics choices, and much more.

Those of you who like Depeche Mode, will especially react well to this piece as it places much attention on the music of Depeche Mode and how much they have influenced so many new acts.

A bit says:

"Adorable and grandiose, Killers frontman Brandon Flowers maintains a contradiction that matches any to which Depeche Mode can lay claim: he is a resolute Mormon, a religion not exactly known for turning out glamorous rock ’n’ rollers. Gahan’s only significant rival in the rock-star-as-Christ-figure stakes is probably Bono. But while Dublin’s finest unwaveringly professes his faith in the only Son of God, Gahan, especially in the lyrics to the deliciously blaspheming “Personal Jesus” (“Someone to hear your prayers / Someone who cares”), has offered himself up as an earthly substitute, a heresy you surely won’t find any of his worshipping public objecting to, no matter their religious affiliations."

Read more here.

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Dana said...

I'm finding this picture really gripping. I don't quite get the clothing choices of The Killers, though. What's with the feathers this year?!?! Is it supposed to be campy and Vegas-y?

Sean said...

I've always found Depeche Mode to be one of the most influential acts of the past 20 years. They're great!!

Anonymous said...

Depeche rules!

Unknown said...

Bizarre picture. Depeche Mode are one of the biggest influences on contemporary music.