Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur passed this weekend.
She was a comedy pro and her work on such shows as Maude and Golden Girls was instrumental in translating feminism into the daily vernacular.

Dorothy of the Golden Girls will be missed. Tip of the hat to an artist whose work touched and continues to touch people cross-generationally.

A clip from the Golden Girls:

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JJ said...

"thank you for being a friend,' Bea Arthur.
Amazing talent!!

Unknown said...

Just saw a couple of episodes of the Golden Girls. I cannot think of a show that so many demographics like for different reasons.
Bea Arthur was the glue to the cast.

Shaun said...

Oh, Maude. Oh, Dorothy.
Bea Arthur was what the craft of acting is about: reinvention and guts.
She will be missed!

B.R. said...

The Golden Girls is an important show. They did much to raise awareness about different things. Bea Arthur's voice, literal and metaphoric was an important one. I am told that this Sunday, the Hallmark Channel will have a Golden Girls marathon in honor of Bea Arthur.