Friday, April 10, 2009

Art and Sleep

There is a new opening in Manhattan called “The Generational: Younger Than Jesus.” Here is a photograph.

This is one art exhibit I would only see if strongly encouraged by my party. I see this art form here as yet another example of privacy gone public. The caption of the picture says: Chu Yun, "This is Lacy," 2006, a living sculpture installation with sleeping person at The New Museum Triennial."

Read more about this here.

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JJ said...

How weird. Art is hard to define, I get that, but sometimes some art forms are a bit of a stretch.

Unknown said...

Talk about bizarre!!

Sra said...

I don't get why someone publicly sleeping is art. Weirdos.

Becca said...

What, recession of ideas, too?

Becca said...

What, recession of ideas, too?

Anonymous said...

Yowsah bizarro!!