Sunday, March 22, 2009

Where to Travel Post-Graduation

World-renowned economist Tyler Cowen over at MR suggests the following places for graduating seniors to consider visiting while in Europe.

I would perhaps suggest Berlin instead of either Paris or Rome. And perhaps Budapest instead of Prague even though the latter is a great city to visit as well.

Tyler suggests:

1. Paris. Duh.

2. Rome, the major city of antiquity plus still a major national capital.

3. Süsten Pass in Switzerland, or Zermatt on a clear day. Rural Europe, and scenery, with a Germanic slant. I love Germany but am hard pressed to pick out a single locale to make this list.

4. Prague, with architecture from all major periods of European history since medieval times. Plus you get a dash of Eastern Europe and corruption, as well as some Germanic and Jewish history.

5. Rural Albania, maybe Shkodra or Girokaster. See how much of Mediterranean Europe lived in the 19th century. Recall a Malthusian world.

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graph of Gjirokaster per


Anonymous said...

Gjikaster! Heck yeah!
Albania is a gem, dude!
Especially, the South.
I agree on Berlin.
Even though, Paris and Rome are both a must-see. But then again, since they're both in the Roman tradition, kind of, some exposure to older Germania makes more sense.
I liked this.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to visit rural Albania. Not the ritzier parts like Durres or Tirana....
And I LOVE Budapest, especially the Pest area!!
I think students should definitely visit old-school Europe post-graduation. So much can be learned there.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Europe visits are mind-opening. Interesting choices.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the premise, too. The beauty of Europe is that it has much to offer on basically all forms of Euro civilization.

Anonymous said...

We'd like to travel with your guys. That would be fun!!!!

vipull said...

Oy! so whats the 411 on your summer plans? Euro bound?

Anonymous said...

Europe experiences are a must, I agree.