Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Text of Pink

This is what I saw last time I was up in Chicago.
It begged for attention and I had to give in. The text of pink, I call it.

The preponderance of pink is code for something here, I find.

This is a color/textile/aesthetic choice which this particular wearer finds apropos for quotidianity.

How would you read this?

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Anonymous said...

Wowsah! How can one not look at this?!

Such pronounced, performative 'femininity' is perturbing.

Anonymous said...

Ha. I got the text.....

Unknown said...

"The preponderance of pink."
I think I have a favorite phrase now.

Unknown said...

And yet the footwear complements the Pink-age quite adequately I find.
For Jimmy Choo's wouldn't be the right choice, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

It's so mesmerizing, no words are apropos. :)

Sra said...

I read that she reads a lot of Victoria's Secret catalogs.

What is with that hair?


Anonymous said...

So much is going on in this text, I think I need a cocktail to process it!
She needs to drop a few layers of demarcation, if you catch my drift. :)